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Thinnox Student Spotlight

Thinnox Fall Semester!

September 9th, 2016
Welcome to the 2016 Fall Semester!

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Hello everyone!

Today, we’re introducing a new feature called “Student Spotlight”.  Every month, one student in each course category (Game Design and Programming, Animation and Graphic Design, Architecture, and Robotics) will be “in the spotlight”, based upon their above average work, motivation, and/or improvement.  Each student’s work and/or a photograph will be featured, along with a short statement from their instructor.

Without further ado, here are the first student spotlight winners!  We’re incredibly proud of each and every one of you!

Vladi-Robotics Engineering, Instructor: Sam Tran

I would like to recognize Vlad for the Student Spotlight.  He has been doing excellent work, stays on task, and also, when given the chance to choose the project, he challenges himself by choosing the more difficult alternative.

Vladi, holding a part for his next robot

Jaidon-Architecture, Instructor: Valentina Horvatic

This is Jaidon’s 2nd year at Thinnox and he has successfully gone through all lectures and architecture theories to obtain a strong knowledge of the preliminary theories of architecture design and drafting. He was able to complete and fully understand all in-class exercises. Following certain restrictions and guidelines, Jaidon has designed a family home for the “Smith Family” which enabled him to complete an entire drawing set for his portfolio for University. Well done, Jaidon!

Jaidon, hard at work on his plans for the “Smith Family’s” home

AliceInstructor: Jason Whitehead, Media Arts and Technology

Alice is very advanced for her age-level.  Her work is elegant and professional-looking.  Without fail, every project she is assigned is completed in a timely manner.  Great job, Alice!

Alice’s website design, “The Muffin Man”

Jonathan-Instructor: Jason Whitehead, Animation

Jonathan is a very hard worker.  He’s very meticulous and strives for perfection.  When focused on completing a project, he will devote hours of his time.  Good work, Jonathan!

Jonathan’s company logo design.

Gabriel-Instructor: Alex Merza, Game Design

Gabriel’s continued thirst for knowledge elevates him above his peers, with his continued improvement outside of scheduled classes.

Screenshots from Gabriel’s RPG

Rushay-Instructor: Justin Dooley, Computer Programming

Rushay has proven that he is an excellent programmer due to his ability to visualize the end result of a program and identify the various components required to bring it to completion.

A screenshot from one of Rushay’s programming assignments


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