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Thinnox Summer Camp has Begun!

Thinnox Fall Semester!

September 9th, 2016
Welcome to the 2016 Fall Semester!

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While the blog has been quiet these past couple of weeks, Thinnox certainly hasn’t.  After days upon days of intense preparation, summer camp has finally arrived!  Our first session began yesterday morning, and as usual, we have a great mix of classes—LEGO Robotics, Animation and Game Graphics, Video Game Design, Fashion Design, and Graphic Design.

As I’m writing this post, it’s lunchtime and the entire school seems to be drowning in excitment.  The iPhone Game Design students have begun an absolutely epic foosball competition, while the 2D RPG Game Design students are so focused on creating their games that most of them requested to eat lunch at their computers.  Whenever I walk by their classroom, I can almost feel the enthusiasm eminating through the walls.

Our youngest students—the LEGO Robotics class—are a bundle of productive energy.  Earlier, I slipped into their classroom just to see what they were working on.  Within moments I went from curious to beyond impressed.  After just one day of camp, the 7-10 year olds had successfully built three robo-shooters.  Not only do these car-like robots move around and shoot marbles, they can also recognize colours.  When I came into the class, the students were programming one robo-shooter to say the word “yellow”.  I highly doubt I’ll ever get bored with the awesome creations that come out of this class.


Every day (or, at least every other day) this summer, I’m going to try to do a mini news blip like this one, so parents and the world in general can keep up with all the awesome-ness that goes on at Thinnox summer camp!  And, with any luck, I’ll get back to the Daily Inspiration Drop, as well.

LEGO Robotics students learning how to program their robo-shooter


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