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“Reading Material” – Graphic Design

Thinnox Fall Semester!

September 9th, 2016
Welcome to the 2016 Fall Semester!

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One of the most common questions we get from our students is: “I think that I want to be an (insert job title here), but I’m not sure if I’d like it/I’d be good at it/if I should be considering something else, etc.  Can you tell me whether or not I should become (insert job title here)?”  Our response: “we have no idea!”

Your career choice is a very personal decision.  No one knows your preferences and abilities better than yourself, but it’s still possible to become confused and even a little lost–the professional world can be pretty daunting!  The best advice we can give is: learn, learn absolutely everything you can about your prospective career.  Take subject-specific classes (our students have already got that one covered!), talk to people who are already in the industry, apply for internships, shadow a really awesome and generous professional, look for summer programs that allow you to immerse yourself, and research, research, research.  The internet is absolutely amazing for this last task.  Whatever your possible career, there is bound to be an endless supply of blogs, websites, videos, and forums covering every topic, from how to get started in (insert job title here) and what schools to consider, to what it’s like to actually be a professional (insert job title here).

Still, the internet can be pretty daunting, too!  This series (which, we will try our absolute best to keep up with!) will attempt to make researching (insert job title here) a little bit easier.  Once or twice a week, we’ll publish links to some wonderfully useful websites, etc. for both aspiring and established professionals.  To make it short and simple, we’ll post the name, a link, and a sentence from the site’s “about” page.

Today’s topic: Graphic Design!

  • The Design Cubicle by Brian Hoff:   “The blog not only aims to teach, inspire and help other designers, but also focuses on client education and design awareness, while showcasing my work, creative processes and personal practices.”  http://www.thedesigncubicle.com/
  • Vectortuts+: Vectortuts+ is a blog of tutorials, articles, freebies and more on all things vector!  http://vector.tutsplus.com/
  • Abuzeedo: Abduzeedo is a blog about design. There are all sorts of articles for those who want to look for inspiration. Also you will find very useful tutorials for the most used applications out there…  http://abduzeedo.com/
  • You The Designer: You The Designer is a graphic design blog that strives to be on the cutting edge of design news, tips, trends, tutorials, resources, and much more!  http://www.youthedesigner.com/
  • Design Newz: The goal of this site is to offer readers who are interested in web design, inspiration, arts, graphic design, Photoshop and more hand picked design news from the best of the design community.  http://design-newz.com/
  • Arbenting: The Arbenting Blog was created by Angie Bowen & Rob Bowen to give back to the design community with custom made freebies, design articles, inspiration and more.  http://arbent.net/blog/
  • SpoonGraphics by Chris Spooner: On this site you’ll find design tutorials covering various techniques and effects in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, as well as a look into various other creative topics. There’s also a range of design related articles, links and free giveaways to help you along with your future design projects.  http://blog.spoongraphics.co.uk/

These sites are just the teeniest tiniest tip of the ice burg.  Please, comment if you have additions to this little list!

Happy Reading!


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