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Do you consider yourself lucky?

Thinnox Fall Semester!

September 9th, 2016
Welcome to the 2016 Fall Semester!

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Luck and chance are one in the same—or so they say.
There is no true definition of luck, because luck is something that is not definite or designed though fate, luck can only be measured by an individual. A Belief.
Luck seems to be on the sides of many of our THINNOX students.
THINNOX presented a questionnaire to the students, designed to test their luck. We asked how many words are in questionnaire and it was the students who believed they were lucky that caught on and saw that the answer was two questions down. Whereas, the students who fell under the category of “unlucky” were more likely to count every single word on the questionnaire, disregarding the fact the answer was on the page.
Luck falls parallel to fortune, whether it be good fortune or bad fortune. Have you heard of the phrase “ask and thou shall receive”? Well, in many cases, this is true. Luck can be considered an energy that is released to the universe and this is why many of us believe that we are lucky, because of the luck that occurs in our daily lives.  Luck could be considered an optimistic perspective that motivates a happy life, believing in luck can determine how an individual can react to a situation.
So, now I ask, is there a way to persuade Lady Luck? Here are some very common symbols of luck that just might help:
·         -A four leaf clover
·         -Horse shoe
·         -Wishbone
·         -Rabbits foot
·         -Bamboo
These symbols are believed to enhance ones luck, and I say why not? Believe that you are lucky, and you shall be lucky!

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