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The internet and us part 2

Thinnox Fall Semester!

September 9th, 2016
Welcome to the 2016 Fall Semester!

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The internet is going through a technological evolution that is changing how we interact with the physical world. An improvement in efficiency like nothing we’ve ever seen is taking place, as the internet of things is now a part of our world whether you acknowledge it or not. The internet of things refers to the networking of machine to machine interfaces, that often involves data being transferred and shared amongst machines by sharing sensor information, and other data that is then used to control the function of one machine to the next. The human to computer interface that facilitated our networked experience in the past is now dissolving in favor of a mix of machine to machine interfaces, and human to networked physical device interaction (such as locally networked lights that are cued as you approach your home or turn off remotely when you are not home.) We are witnessing a revolution in the way that we interact with technology and how it responds and interacts with us, creating a much more dynamic human/machine interface powered by internet technology.
The benefits of this technology have exciting implications beyond that of, for example, using your smartphone to start brewing a pot of coffee while you’re on the way home from work.There is now the power for medical and health benefits that will help us not only gauge our health through devices like the Fit bit or the Health app in our iPhone, but also that of a greater populace of people through networked blood sugar, pressor, or heart rate monitors. The internet of things will soon change the way we shop, making it more convenient as Amazon has already started marketing a networked standalone button that would order household necessities like toilet paper without an interactive interface‐ these devices would simply be mounted on your wall. Smart!


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