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Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence Part 2

Thinnox Fall Semester!

September 9th, 2016
Welcome to the 2016 Fall Semester!

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Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence. The newest surge in AI design has companies and investors in a scramble to get the best. But do veterans of the field agree with the surge in popularity? Yoshua Bengio, Full Professor of the Department of Computer Science & Operations Research at the University of Montreal, definitely thinks deep learning AI will lead us in the right direction. He says the good side of the rise in popularity of deep learning is that it attracts strong researchers and students. Yoshua is a very renowned figure in his field and encourages any one interested to get involved. Any students with a prospect of entering any computer related field can get involved, and there are more and more opportunities opening up in the ever so growing market of artificial intelligence. With such a wide variety of applications, newly interested students and researchers have a choice between many paths of success. Imagine being involved in the development of a machine that can perform emergency surgeries, or being on the development team of the next Siri prototype. If you have passion and are hard-working, you could be a part of these visions. Until then, I’ll just be waiting for a machine that can cut my hair the way I want.


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